In this cat died all the kittens. But fate was on her plans ...

A pregnant cat Mickey picked up on the street. Most likely, someone decided to get rid of it together with the future kittens. Animals brought into the position in the nursery, where to light a whole brood of young seals. But the difficulties in the lives of cats did not end there. Mickey became seriously ill, and the infection is passed on through breast milk to her children. The cat recovered, but not strong children organism, the disease proved fatal. Despite the efforts of the doctors, all the kittens died. The cat was beside herself with grief. But there was something incredible. The shelter brought four young kittens without a mother. Mickey immediately adopted them as their own, and they told her the same.

This pregnant cat found on the street.

Mickey was taken to a shelter, where were born her kittens.

But the cat became very ill. The disease is transmitted through milk and her kiddies. B>

The kittens did not survive the disease.

The cat could not find a place of grief.

But it was brought to the shelter kittens without a mother.

Mickey immediately adopted them as their own.

A four homeless kittens have regained my mother.

Despite the difficulties and setbacks, all ended well. Fate has developed in such a way that the cat survived the death of their own children, became a mother other kids. One gets the impression that this is a coincidence rigged a higher power. Share this sad story with a happy ending with friends!


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