Tailed hooligans: 20 hilarious pictures of cats who think they are - of the plant.

Cats and plants is very unusual relationship. This is a game of survival ... If there is a plant, so there was not yet a cat. Otherwise, the survival of the fittest, and it's usually a cat. But sometimes four-legged green and still miraculously manages to find a common language. Here's what happens as a result of this strange friendship ... Information and entertainment magazine offers a look at a selection zamurchatelnuyu incredibly positive pictures of cats and vases. This hilarious 20 pictures of cats who think they are - of the plant. It seems SEALs finally blossomed!

Yoga as a cat.

«Best your gift - it's me».

Hairy fertilizer for plants.

picky houseplant that does not like water.

Koteek potted ordered?

... someone eats too much.

An unexpected turn of events ... And where, I ask, my pot, dear?

Trailer like a burr!

They just smell, which grows valerian ...

The cat took a fancy to have a spot.


Yin yang in sepia.

In the crowded but not mad.

And let the whole world wait ...

I give kittens with pot as a gift.

A new species of plants - striped barb.

Idyll ...

Where had gone Murka?

Game attentiveness "Find Cat." You have only 5 attempts. B>

«I what? I do! » B>

Survival of the fittest ...

Just zamurchatelny vazonchik!

I do not know how to look my cat in a pot with flower ... But when I returned home, lay on the floor all by itself - a pot, soil, bush orchids and a cat. In general, the hooligans! Dissolve, not a word ... Share these funny pictures of his comrades.

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