20 motivational quotes Dale Carnegie. Golden words that are relevant to the present day ...

Dale Carnegie and his worldwide bestseller "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living," "How to Win Friends and Influence People" special needs no introduction - they must have heard almost everyone. This man was behind the creation of the theory of communication, gradually transferring all the research and development of psychologists of the time into practice. Nowadays, many spit that theory Carnegie very much generalized and modern psychologists say that the main mistake of the scientist was giving up his own "I" that dialogue was more effective.

Nevertheless, even the most ardent opponents and critics of the Carnegie techniques to admit that his work had a phenomenal effect on people. In his books has grown more than one generation, his motivational quotes and sound advice still enjoy great popularity among the public. Therefore, today the team selected for you 20 of the most vibrant and motivating statements Dale Carnegie, in which, of course, there is a grain of truth.

Thank you, Grandpa Dale, for such a wise idea and useful recommendations. Whatever it was, the writings of psychologist helped a lot to be happy, to find a common language with the interlocutors and to avoid conflicts, choosing the right tactics. Perhaps some of these quotes will inspire you too. Do not forget to share the wisdom of Dale Carnegie with friends, his words are relevant after all is not the first decade.

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