Dale Chihuly Glass fantasy

Surely many of the works of Dale have come across your eyes. Relentlessly, day after day, glass artist creates more and more fancy glass plants, shells, flowers, galactic objects. His installations seem almost alive, perfectly fit into the surrounding space. There are whole exhibition greenhouses where glass plant safely coexist with the living.

Dale was born in 1941 in Washington, Tacoma. He studied at an interior designer, but in 1968 went to work in a factory glazier in Venice and was forever captivated by glass-blowing business opportunities.
In 1971 he became a founder of the company "Glass Pil'chak" in Washington. It became one of the founders of the glaziers craft as an art.

Today Chihuly works presented 200 collections and museums around the world. He has received numerous awards, he has a doctoral degree, two fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Dale Chihuly has a series of world-famous works, which were exhibited in the Louvre, in 1995 he also opened an exhibition in Venice, for which the sculpture created by Dale projects in Ireland, Mexico, Finland.

One of the most popular entertainment Chihuly is the creation of botanical gardens with plants of great beauty unearthly. Every year more and more agencies and institutions in the world buys Chihuly sculptures to decorate their buildings and outdoor spaces.

All work Chihuly something similar and style can not be confused. But at the same technique does not stop inventing new forms and combinations of colors. This "fantasy world, a world of elves, fairy tale, space," which is not only epithets picked journalists, competing in skill pen. But it seems that there are no words that could fully describe this beauty.

Master works tirelessly. Train new apprentices. And the year passes, how it is organized a new exhibition. It says only that the person really - a real talent!

Dale Chihuly


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