Eco-friendly snow sculpture at Jingyue Snow World festival


Every year, thousands of curious travelers eager to get in Jingyuetan national Park in China to see stunning snow sculptures from the snow. "Jingyue Snow World Festival" is an annual festival of snow sculptures — this year opened a few days ago, and sculptors already working hard on their eco-friendly creations. The peculiarity of the festival this year is the variety of architectural projects: from the castle in the style of Disney to recreated parts of the Russian Church.


Recently in the Chinese province of Jilin opened the annual festival of snow sculptures "Jingyue Snow World Festival", which traditionally is striking in its scope. The festival traditionally attracts craftsmen from various provinces of China and from other Asian countries. This year, the festival and the Russian craftsmen. Of huge blocks of compressed snow skillful and creative sculptors create amazing snow sculptures. Here you can see the Russian Church, reminiscent of St. Basil's Cathedral, the castle in the style of Disney and a galloping herd of horses.

Experts say that working with compressed snow is much harder than with ice blocks. The material is capricious and requires patience and skill. As a rule, one facility employs a team of 10 or more masters. Security reasons, all of them dressed in jackets of red or black. Visitors also are encouraged to consider a snow sculpture at a respectful distance.

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