Hair in newborns

Hair on the body of the child is absolutely fine. The fact is that even in the womb the body crumbs covered with thick hair, they are called the embryonic hair. These hairs gradually taper off and are replaced by thin, Golden and barely noticeable. But it happens that a child is born with thick hair on the body, the ears, the forehead and shoulders, sometimes on the back. Doctors such hair is called lanugo. They often occur in premature babies. They fade a little longer and are tougher.

Typically, these hairs fall out and are erased within two weeks after birth. But if that happens, don't worry, they will drop out within the first 2 months of baby's life.

Many mothers are worried about the fact that their kids no eyelashes and eyebrows. It is more rigid hairs, and they grow slowly. As with body hair, worry not, during the first months of life they will appear, their color may change.

Also, parents should not worry when the child in the first months of life will be losing hair. This phenomenon is quite natural, they are thin and quickly cleaned, because the child most of the time lying, on side, on back. They will gradually be replaced by more durable hairs. But if after 6 months the hair continued to fall out, then you should consult with specialists, it can be a symptom of any disease.

Sometimes, newborn babies may be gray hairs. They usually are replaced, like all the other hair. Their appearance is due to genetics. If someone of the relatives already there, so all right.

If the hairs on the head of your child's growing up not very active, thin and hardly noticeable, some desperate parents decided to shave the kid bald. It is a totally useless measure, number of follicles, shaving does not increase, but to injure the skin of the child quite capable of. In General, the hair for up to five years is usually fine after 5 the hair shaft is finalized. Hair becomes more thick and strong. Respectively, and the hair of your baby will be thicker.

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