MANIFESTO "It is today ..." from Dale Carnegie

Manifesto for every day, "Just for today I will be happy," the most famous "writer and motivator" of the 20th century the legendary Dale Carnegie

1. Just for today I will be happy. This means that I followed Abram Lincoln say to myself: "Most of us are happy just as much want to be happy." Happiness comes from within, external stimuli do not have any relation to it

2. Just for today I will be considered only from the fact that it actually is, and I will not force the world to reckon with my wishes. I will take my family, my work and my fate for what they have and try to match them

3. Just for today I will take care of your body. I will strengthen its exercise, careful attitude to your body proper nutrition. I will stop burdening its harmful excesses. I want to make it an ideal machine for the performance of my needs

4. Just for today I will try to develop their intelligence. I'll try to find something of value. I'll make your brain work and read something like that, which requires mental effort and concentration of thought

5. Just for today I'll perfection of his soul. To do this, I will take three of the act. I'll do something nice for someone, but so that this one does not know. And I will do two things that I'm afraid not want to do - just for trenerovki will, in the words of William James

6. Just for today I will try to be pleasant in all respects a man. I'll take care of their appearance, try to dress better, talk softer and more polite to behave with others, be generous with praise, refrain from criticism and fault-finding to others - and, of course, on the instructions of someone on the right path

7. Just for today I will try to live only one day, refraining from Nava over once all of their problems. During these twelve hours, I can make a few specific cases - the most important for today, which I leave them for later, I would be tormented for the rest of life

8. Just for today I'll make myself a schedule of the day. I will write what I need to do in any given hour. Maybe I should not be able to strictly follow this schedule, but at least it will save me from the worst of the two evils in the world - hurry and indecision

9. Just for today I will highlight a half-hour for rest and relaxation. Well, if these quiet half hour sometimes I will think about God - this will make my life a sense of perspective

10. Just for today I will stop being afraid. The last thing I'm going to be afraid to be happy, to be afraid to enjoy all the wonderful things in this world, izbegnu afraid to love and to believe that I, too, love. I will think and act like a happy person - and I feel happy ...


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