25 QUOTES Dale Carnegie, for which he can say THANK YOU

Treat Carnegie can be different, but for him these quotes accurately say thank you!

Writer, journalist, psychologist and educator Dale Carnegie thought and lived by the principle of "the world is not bad people." And there are unpleasant circumstances, which can be controlled, and not worth because they spoil the life and the mood around. In general, about this he wrote in his books and spoke in his lectures.

Treat Carnegie can be different, as can be read or not read, act or inaction - a choice for everybody. 25 quotes Dale Carnegie, for which a psychologist can be accurately say thank you:

Every person at least five minutes a day is a fool. This wisdom is not to exceed the time limit.
Do you want to collect honey - not ruining the hive.
Load the future, adding to the burden of the past, you take on yourself in the present, it makes stumble on the way, even the most powerful.
A smile costs nothing, but expensive prized ...

When fate presents you a lemon, make lemonade.
When a person starts a war with himself, he has something so worth it.
Of course, your husband has its drawbacks! If he was a saint, he would never have married you.
Be busy. This is the cheapest medication on earth - and one of the most effective.
An expression that you wear on your face, it is more important garments that you wear on.
If you want to alter people - start with yourself. This is more useful and more secure.
Imagine the worst consequences that may result from your action, advance to accept them and act!
Remember that a person's name - the sweetest and most important for his sound in any language.
Mystery of our misfortunes is that we have too much leisure time to think about what we are happy or not.
For the wise man, each day begins a new life.
Many call the doctor when they need only audience.
Always remember that children love to listen to the conversations of adults - and beware.
People are not interested in me or you. In the morning, at noon and in the afternoon they are engaged only a.
There is no tomorrow. Day of the salvation of man - today.
Do not be afraid of enemies that attack you, fear friends who flatter you.
Here human nature in action: the guilty blame anyone, but not themselves.
The fear does not exist anywhere else except in your mind.
Be able to stand up to the position of another person and understand what he needs, not you. From those who will be able to do this, the whole world will be.
Strong desire to learn something - that's 50% success rate.
Behave as if you are already happy and you really become happier.
In this world there is only one way to earn the love - demand it stop and begin to give love without hoping for gratitude.


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