20 secluded homes for lovers of solitude. I would not mind to live in one of them ...

These houses - the perfect option for those who are not happy with the number of people who every day have to watch against their will, as well as for those who like to be alone and occasionally get tired of the madding crowd. Away from it all you can look at your life from the outside, you deal with disturbing issues, reflect on the meaning of his own life and enjoy the peace and tranquility.

If you are not inconvenienced by isolation and wants to be alone with his thoughts moving into one of these houses. Only consider, pizza delivery there is hardly valid.



Hofskirkya Iceland



Munnar, India

Thousand Islands, Canada


Holmur, Reykjanes, Iceland

Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

These 20 homes are secluded breathtakingly beautiful places and at the same time far away from civilization. I am sure many of us sometimes feel the need to be alone with him in a quiet environment surrounded by nature. Those who live in these homes, the opportunity is always there. Such a lifestyle is not without difficulties, which more than compensated by the fact that a person receives in return.

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