In appearance it is an ordinary tree, but you'll never guess what's inside!

Not all things are so obvious, what might seem at first glance. For example, as a giant tree, which is in South Africa, Limpopo Province. In addition, it is - one of the largest and oldest baobab trees of the world, there hides another secret. Inside there is a huge space in which peace can sit and drink a beer or something stronger about 15 people. It should come closer to the tree, and you will see that his trunk is a door, opened it that you find yourself in a small room that serves as a pub. It is amazing, is not it?

On the surface it is - an ordinary tree, a little more, but nothing more ...

But is it worth to come closer and you will notice that there is a door in the trunk.

And the door - a real pub!

Wow! Where else can you see this? B>

This baobab tree - one of the largest and oldest in the world.

This combination of relics and the pub makes this tree a unique and one of a kind. I wonder what it is - to overturn pile or two inside the tree? You'll be in South Africa, be sure to look here!


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