15 inspiring images, which show that even the most rebellious, children remain children.

It took not much time, and today on the desktop PC you can post that when something does not fit into the whole room. Everything is changing around. During the turbulent ups followed by no less gusty fall. Some things do not know. However, whatever time we live, the children are the same. Even during wars, economic crises, natural disasters, these angels sent by God, are able to keep the lights on in his soul. But it is equally important to be able not to lose this pure flame and into adulthood. «Lamps must be protected: a gust of wind can extinguish them», i> - the mouth of his characters say Exupery.

Our ancestors went through a lot. This 15 old pictures that prove that nothing can tarnish pure as snow, a child's soul.

orphan boy after the Second World War, the Red Cross has presented new shoes, 1946.

Happy little Frenchwoman and her cat, 1959.

A police officer caught on the hot boys. Kids spying for rehearsal of circus artists, 1938. B>

The little girl put three Siamese kittens in socks that were hanging on the clothesline in the garden, 1931.

The children ride on a homemade swing on a background of ruins in London, in 1940.

The little French girl soldier kisses on Valentine's Day, 1945.

A policeman interrogates a little boy who was going to catch fish in the fountain in Trafalgar Square in 1892.

your dog Girl playing the banjo.

Three boys caught a trifle on the streets of New York City during the Great Depression.

The boy selling lemonade, 1931.

An inquisitive girl trying to speak French with a German soldier in 1940.

The cat keeps penguin fin while walking through London Zoo, 1937.

The cat like trying to take pictures of small children, in 1909.

German kids are playing with money during high inflation, 1920.

The blind girl writes a letter to Santa Claus, 1925.

That would be for each of us at least a pinch of children's equanimity and sincerity! Learn to smile not only when the sun is shining outside. Show these powerful archival footage to friends, who now and then throw up their hands in the breakaway time.

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