15 amusing pictures of dogs, who doted on trips by car ... What more needs to be happy ?!

What picture arises in your mind when you think about happiness? What images do you this word? As soon as I think of unconditional happiness, for some reason I immediately submitted dog, leaning his shaggy head out of the window of the machine, which goes against the wind. Just like the frame of a clip of a rock star! This pattern reflects the freedom and serenity. What else needs to be happy ?! Just want to be on the site of a dog.

The staff of the online magazine wants to lift you up and immersed in a pleasant atmosphere of merriment. This idealistic 15 pictures of dogs who doted on trips by car and know what the speed and drive firsthand. I envy them white envy!

Wind knows where to find him.

Host as a stand.

a hair's breadth of protein from "Ice Age»!

Here they are - the thrill of ... words can not describe!

Peace and harmony in one shot.

«Hey, where are you, my wind? Hey, where are you? » B>

Three girls under the window.

Oh, you, the winds, the winds violent.

What else is necessary to life?!

«Hey, dude, add!»

His tongue live their lives.

Almost all teeth blew out ...

Straight blows the roof!

Have you seen the pleasure of the flesh? Yes, that is it! B>

«How do I feel? All 100%! » B>

I almost tore the stomach while watching these funny pictures of animals ... as always on top! We must learn to have this ability - to enjoy the little things of life. Give a day's worth of positives to your friends - to share with them this hilarious post.

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