We wanted the best, but it turned out as always: 25 postcards about the truth of life. Right in the bull's-eye!

«We wanted the best, but it turned out as always» i> - the motto of many people's lives. Well, that does not extend to everything, everything was as planned, because the fate of the naughty-and then prepares us unexpected surprises at every turn. Who among us does not renounce already traditional "I do not drink," "Over the next semester will begin to learn", "From Monday on a diet", "March will start running", "With the new year did not use foul language" and the like, but then I realized that beyond words, it never comes? No, this is not to say that we are weak in spirit, and we are not able to keep promises. Ridiculous, of course, but still not we - life is!

Ofigenno.cc advised not to hang up his nose and did not get depressed, even if your plans are covered with a copper basin. Sense of humor - the best weapon in the fight against hardship and turmoil. And the ability to laugh at themselves - that saves us in the hectic days. Look at the cards of life, which are designed to raise your spirits! However, as it is ...

Better not say! Good to know that, even if we are all different people, problems, then we are the same, well, or very similar. But life - a tricky thing, anyway! So expect from her any tricks ...

I'm sure you will not forget to share the cards on how everything happens in life really, with all your friends.

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