This girl with Down syndrome have wronged during the match. The reaction was immediate basketball!

The whole school knows Desiree Andrews. Girl with Down's syndrome, but it does not prevent it from being a general favorite and have a lot of friends. Baby loves to dance and dreams of one day becoming known. She is in the school team, girls cheerleaders and advocates with them in support of Wisconsin basketball school. Desire is not always possible to move in time with the music, but all the kids are sensitive to it, and continue to love Desiree for its cheerfulness and friendliness.

But one day, during one of the performances happened something out of the ordinary. Someone from the audience started shouting various nasty things to the girl. Reaction basketball players do not wait long.

During each game these girls maintain their basketball team. Among them - a universal favorite Desiree Andrews. B>

Desiree that friends simply called Dee, was born with Down syndrome. But the girl surprisingly well with all handles. B>

It has faithful friends who will not give offense to the little girl. As an example, in this case, when someone started a loud comments from the podium girls dance. B>

When the basketball players saw what was happening, they stopped the game and went to the person who hurt Desiree. After that, it is clearly indicated what would become of him if he again throws something like that. B>

Since then, no one dared to offend Desiree. Her friends still watching her and saw off every day in class. B>

In order to support the girl, even decided to name the gym after her. Now he carries the name "House of DeeĀ». B>

Dee was incredibly happy when I found out about this action. A girl will never forget what was done to her friend. B>

That's how you need to react to a complete lack of compassion and tolerance. These students have shown a good example to us all.


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