This 18-year-old girl is determined to become a model. Only there is one caveat ...

18-year-old Madeleine Stewart, like many of her peers, wants to be a model. All is good, only a girl with Down's syndrome. However Madeleine was not going to stop and decided to realize his dream. Fortunately, the young lady has received support from parents and other caring people.

More recently, Muddy overweight. But dance classes and swimming helped her lose as much as 20 kilograms. This not only helped the girl to have confidence in themselves, but also forced her to try a completely new role for himself - as a model. She enlisted the support of well-known fashion brand Living Dead, which cooperates with a completely diverse models.

Get to know, this is the 18-year-old Maddie, who can not wait to become a model.

After she dropped as much as 20 kilograms, she decided to become a model.

«So my daughter wanted to speak out against discrimination against disabled people», i> - says her mother Rosanna.

Mother Madeleine calls: «People with Down syndrome can do everything that you and I, the only difference - they do it at a different pace. Just give them a chance - and your expectations will be rewarded in full! » I>

«These people are on their own, do not be afraid of these words, beautiful and perfect», i> - says the girl's mother.

«I want to stop people before me to apologize when I tell them that my daughter suffers from Down syndrome», i> - says Rosanna.

«What a blessing - to raise this child as Muddy. I have supposedly won in a lottery that day, when she was born ». I>

People with Down's syndrome - the same as the rest of us. Bold Madeleine Stewart photo shoot only once again proves it. Enough to hang labels, Drop any stereotypes and prejudices. Show me these wonderful pictures of solar girl Maddie your friends.


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