Cry from the heart of 40-year-old woman, addressed to all men. There is something to ponder ...

In order not to offend anyone, its age is politely called Balzac. During its 40 years, this woman has had time in my life to know all the ins and outs. One might think that this is the fruit of loneliness, but in his lifetime it, fortunately or unfortunately, met a lot of males, not each of them can be called a man. This cry from the heart of beautiful, smart, successful women and extremely talented psychologist Lilia Ahremchik addressed to all men.

Let the reader, these words did not refer specifically to you, nevertheless they are worth reading for everyone. Men - not to act like such individuals, women - to know his own worth and keep a decent bar. This is a manifesto for women to hang somewhere in a visible place!

«My dear man ... i>

Being a decent time free woman now, talking to men in most cases, I feel bored. And it's nice feeling. Because sometimes I was literally sick of how men are predictable and monotonous. I>

I mean, I really do not understand how you can be sure that it's awesome attractive offer, which (especially clear) may originate far from the most attractive man? i>

When you're in the age of "for ..." you've heard and read it in all possible forms and combinations. Moreover, you even know how events will develop further until the day. When a man shows up when disappear when reemerge after three weeks or three months as if nothing had happened, like suddenly very myasko zavyalilos. The scenario is known in advance. Honey, you know that it is boring? Cafe, restaurant ... Call me in the pool or on the cat show. I understand what all is coming, but do what I'm wondering. Just minutes from the first show that I have value. And it's not so boring. And you'll have a little bit unique. I>

As a psychologist, I understand that instincts rule. But the right word, the man is really reminiscent of primitive animals. Most of you have developed, with a touch of culture and civilization, actually look inviting, tasty and attractive males, and sometimes communication is not a pity to sacrifice their interests, time, freedom. But there are not enough! Truly enough! I>

The fun even play around with whom. "Let's take a closer look." "How close?". "At 20 cm" (you goner idiot cute ?!). "You're going to read my Shakespeare in your ear?" (Still trying to save the situation). "From Shakespeare I have not, I have to something better than the other" (just an idiot!). Enough already worn with his "dignity" as a great jewel. If you really want to know what excites me, I'll tell you. Um. Hear me: the mind. I>

Honey, when I was 40, I was a little worried about, do you have a tummy, and what size you ... biceps. I'm much more concerned about what we speak before and after what you have achieved in life if I respect you and even admire. I>

And if you want to surprise me, surprised me with his human relations. I understand that your first impulse was - want me. But you also have a brain, including other - See me as a person. Show sensitivity and delicacy. I>

I've lived a lot and know a lot. I can be a resource for you. th power, inspiration, tenderness. om your growth and advancement. So be smart enough to discern the source of the spreading thickets. Walk a little further than is necessary in order to urinate. I>

In my life until you were done. The only thing that was in short supply - it is love. Even if you repeat it, it still will be very special, but it is impossible to get used to. All the other suggestions I've heard. I>

Lily Ahremchik » i>

As you see, some women have immunity against the lip service, blowing dust in the eyes and hanging noodles on the ears. By the advice of the woman with 40 years of life experience certainly worth considering. Share these profound reflections on love and relationships with their buddies.


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