Good advice for all occasions. Just incredibly deep!

Despite the fact that conditions vary dramatically around and every year a variety of changes occur in life, the reason for grief people are all the same for thousands of years long. Aphorisms, honed by centuries-old committing to word of mouth, have incredible wisdom. They always come to the rescue, calm down, will serve as practical advice. Everyone can find in them something useful for themselves. As good teachers, they teach us to be strong, never give up, and dictate the terms of their own destiny. And tell us how to love another person, you do not lose it forever. This wonderful collection of expressions of life will help you to look at ourselves and understand things that were not clear before.

Fact - most stubborn thing in the world.

Life - a harmful thing. From her all die. B>

Death - is when a person closes his eyes to everything.

When you have nothing to lose, lose their principles.

Everything happens for a reason.

All that does not kill us makes us stronger.

The better our present, the less we think about the past.

There is nothing more terrible to us than other people who do not have to have any work.

Do not waste your time on someone who does not want to spend it with you.

Life away from us as fast as if it is not interesting to us.

Save yourself these words of life, to return to him at the right moment. And share them with friends and acquaintances, perhaps it is at that moment some of them are in dire need of someone's wise counsel.

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