When his wife left him, this guy decided to divide the property in two ... In the literal sense of the word.

Divorce adulteress - something unpleasant and painful. Especially when added to the personal experiences of litigation over the division of property. Apparently, a man in Germany was severely depressed parting, so all the problems of his divorce, decided the most radically. Namely: share all property acquired jointly by half in the literal sense of the word. Using stationery knife grinders and jigsaw were sawed all things, starting with a teddy bear and finishing car.

Sending ex-wife of her half of things, the man put his remaining stake in the online auction. It is not known whether it was possible to find buyers for the half, but the famous and once again potrollit spouse had exactly happened.

Flick saw the sofa is converted into an elegant chair!

half bitten apple went ex-wife.

It is a pity that the bike is not along the sawn ...

Now you can not call a number in which there is the number "3", "6" and "9».

In these chairs are now not sit, but in this way they will gladly take on any exhibition of contemporary art.

Obviously, someone in the family loved the bed against the wall!

If you ride a motorcycle you can now will fall only on the left side.

halves favorite show now need to play in the half DVD-player and watch on TV half.

And here is the half DVD-player ...

... and the correct half of the TV!

A simple way to make a netbook from the laptop.

Probably, on this disc was the song of the "Dancing minus": "I leave with you mate themselves».

Hire share honest: men - wheel and pedals, and a woman - the trunk for shopping.

And even a teddy bear fell victim to the division of property. Mishka is a pity, but the divorce - a serious matter. B>

And at the end - a video on how exactly does this carve-up values. Nervous watch is not recommended.

Well, sometimes the problem must be solved in a radical way. And even if their love is not returned, but you can relieve stress, and along with the others cheer. By the way, I share this news with friends - suddenly someone of them urgently need a bicycle wheel on the cheap?

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