As soon as the first notes of the hit tune as the boy danced and started to burn is not a child!

Many modern people suffer from complexes associated with excess weight. Yes, a healthy diet and active lifestyle - it's good. But not always as easy as it seems at first glance. Sometimes there is nothing left but to accept yourself as you are. This boy - do not miss! Yes, the kid rather chubby, but he is free from imposed on him by society complexes. No, his behavior is not arrogance, calling or insults ... He just does what he likes.

No sooner had the first notes of tune from the soundtrack to the film "The Mask", the guy immediately began to dance. Thank you, little boy, my day started with a smile!

Perhaps the boy problems with a sense of rhythm, but he was not discouraged and uplifting others. The main thing - that he is dancing soul. There is some reason to remember the name of the movie "Inside I'm Dancing." I now to not sit still. Share this incredibly talented and artistic boy to his comrades. Here's how to rip! Take the example.


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