Incredibly informative! 19 interesting facts about the southern continent of the planet Earth.

Antarctica - the southern-most continent of our planet. It is extremely difficult conditions, but despite this, many animals find a place native home. Because of the remote location and harsh climate of the pieces of our planet, we know about it is not so much. Edition has prepared for you a selection of facts about the continent, of which you probably did not know until today. People who work there, not only have to endure various hardships, but also to make many sacrifices, before you go there. This you will find out below ... Well, let's together shall fill their gaps in knowledge about the white continent of the planet Earth.

Here is the driest place on Earth - Dry Valleys!

53 million years ago, there were growing trees, but now there are penguins!

Since 1962 in Antarctica operates a nuclear power plant "McMurdo", which belongs to the United States.

Not far from the NPP is a fire station, which is on duty the professional team of specialists to fight fire.

After Antarctica are all time zones.

On the Ukrainian research station named. Vernadsky is the southernmost bar in the world. B>

Antarctica - the fifth-largest continent.

Transantarctic Mountains Continent is divided into eastern and western parts.

In 1959, the Antarctic Treaty was signed, according to which that continent is only possible peaceful research.

Marco Emilio Palma is the first child who was born here. It was a planned action of Argentina, who claimed to be part of the continent. B>

Before 1820, people thought that Antarctica is a group of islands.

Roald Amundsen first reached the South Pole in 1911.

99% of Antarctica is covered with ice.

average thickness of ice more than 1, 5 km.

July 21, 1983 are recorded lowest temperature ever recorded - -89 2 ° C.

In spite of the harsh conditions here grow 1 150 species of mushrooms.

rock band "Metallica" - the only team that played live on every continent, including Antarctica!

.aq - top-level domain, which belongs to Antarctica.

It does not employ people with appendicitis and wisdom teeth. If you want to work in Antarctica, then you delete them, even if they are healthy. All due to the fact that in Antarctica do not operate. B>

Here's a he, this mysterious continent. Antarctica once again proves that our planet can affect the variety and the climatic conditions such as here, is not a hindrance to human activities. Share this information with your friends, it will also be interesting to learn something new ...

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