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January 22 - the day of memory of Heath Ledger. In 2008, 28-year-old Australian actor died of an accidental overdose of prescription pills doctor him. The most striking kinogeroya Ledger became a cult villain Joker opposing Batman in "The Dark Knight." Here are some facts about how Heath was prepared for the role, which earned him a posthumous "Oscar».

From hero to villain
Directed by Christopher Nolan suggested Ledger star in his film "Batman. Start "- starring. But the Australian refused, arguing his choice by the fact that it is not interested in superheroes. Nolan did not give up: he sent the actor the script of his next film - "The Dark Knight." Hit has agreed to play the villain, but set a condition: his Joker should not be like the Joker, brilliantly played by Jack Nicholson in "Batman" in 1989.
And so it happened: the two characters are completely different. If the hero Nicholson - buffoon, clown, albeit with a "minus", the Joker Ledger - madman Bezbashenny psychopath who terrified the actor. By the way, Chris Nolan said he chose Heath for a simple reason: "Because he is fearless».

Birth image
In order to create an image of the Joker, Heath was locked alone in a hotel in London. He asked not to visit and not to mess with him. For a whole month the actor studied the comics on which was written the screenplay, kept a diary, which recorded all the achievements, painting, "shades" of his hero. He came up with laughter that causes panic. In recognition of the actor, the role was given to him "with much difficulty." In the end, who was born a bright image - a serial killer, who had the knowledge of pity and fear. To this end, the Joker did not exist borders - he could do everything.
In an interview, Heath admitted: "The evil is in all of us. Tune in to it - how to set up certain ideas, for example, to think how I eat raw meat what it is doing with my mouth and my eyes. This is just a small images that can be at most a little mad, and give your mind to feel the evil ».

Sociopath and musician
Ledger Nolan gave free rein: from the ground up has allowed to create an image of the Joker, and even add, if necessary, changes to the script. And not lost.
The image turned out spectacular. Voice intonation Hit still borrowed from the hero Nicholson. Demeanor adopted two vivid characters - cine (criminals sociopath Alex Delargy from the movie "A Clockwork Orange", which brilliantly played by Malcolm McDowell) and real - punk rocker Sid Vicious of the group «Sex pistols», died at age 21 of a drug overdose . This image Ledger added style stoop when walking, kind gestures, and the result was the villain, who in 2009 took third place in the ranking of the 100 greatest movie hero of British magazine «Empire».

Clown horror
Outside view of the new Joker made famous Hollywood makeup artist John Jr. Kalon. On the cheeks and jaw actor secured durable silicone lining that mimic the terrible scars. With lipstick and money with silicone applied make-up, giving the effect of a stretched mouth. Sinister smile stressed bleached clown face. On the face grimacing Heath applied white paint under the eyes - black. The final touch - sprinkle water spray to drip a little makeup. The image of the psychopath ready.
Joker Costume - dirty jacket purple cloth gloves to match the dress - was created under the impression of the artist's paintings expressionist Francis Bacon, who in his work conveyed the tragedy of existence.

You are so much accustomed to the role that after the film rumors that the actor happened to a mental disorder. Ledger he reinforced it, saying in an interview that after the shooting he could sleep only two hours a day. That is why many fans of the actor connect what happened to him January 22, 2008, with the image of the Joker.
However, the actors who met on the set of the hit to the contrary. For example, Christopher Plummer, a partner Ledger in his last film "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus", said that he was completely responsible, spoke on his own behalf, discussing favorite series and daughter Matilda. Christopher Nolan told that Heath was rolling on the set on a skateboard and was absolutely adequate. The same is confirmed and who plays Batman Christian Bale, who said that the idea that Ledger somehow influenced the role of the Joker, it seems "stupid».
Be that as it may, the Joker was the last finished work of Heath Ledger. One year and one month after the death of actor awarded the "Oscar" for Best Supporting Actor.

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