Heath Ledger was the champion of the Australian Chess

Heath Ledger first came to the public eye in 1999, the year. He was born April 4, 1979, in Perth, Western Australia, in high school he had two favorite hobbies - cooking and game in a theater. Heath was talented even at a young age, and at age 17 he decided to get in the car and go to Sydney. His first real role he played in the low-budget film "Island of Death».

Heath Ledger has come a long way to go to achieve the performance of his dream - to become an American actor, and in the end, it is to them and began: Ledger has won the hearts of some teenagers playing in the movie "Ten Things I Hate" and stunned the world performance as the Joker in Batman trilogy.

However, before becoming an actor, he showed talent in other areas - for example, in chess. Heath Ledger was an accomplished chess player and won the youth championship of chess in Western Australia, when he was only ten years old.

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