Placing photos in social networks can be a quick way to lose friends

The researchers found that those who repeatedly place their own and other people's photos on social networks risk alienating many of his friends who view them. In particular, the photos could damage relationships with friends, family and colleagues not well related to those who repeatedly places the photos on the network themselves.

For example, the relationship between the partners, laying out a network of joint large number of photos, become less close. The same is often true for relationships with close friends.

The survey of more than 500 Facebook users showed that the number and subjects of the photos have an impact on the degree of trust in the relationship. Dr. David Houghton of the University of Birmingham said that each group of people - partners, friends, family members, friends and colleagues - usually has his views on the exchange of information. If, for example, upload photos of your family, it is possible to get a lot of support from them, and if you upload photos with your friends, it can lead to a decrease in intimacy between partners.



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