All human beings are born with an accent

Recent research scientists have revealed the following fact: the cries of newborns differ depending on the region where the baby was born.

Having surveyed 60 French and German newborns, experts have found that the "French-speaking" babies cry with a rising intonation, and kids of the German-speaking families - a descending intonation, modulation screams while we remind adults of the Germans and the French. On the basis of these data, it was concluded that children still in the womb start to perceive speech sounds and play them back with all the features characteristic of a particular language.

While the researchers were limited to only two countries, but in the future it may be possible to study infants and accents from other countries. It is not clear how the child identifies signs of speech prevailing in a region, and distinguishes them from other sounds such as barking dogs or car noise, but scientists believe that they will find the answer to this question.



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