About friendship with dolphins dogs (11 pics + text)

In this story hard to believe, but it's true.
The perfect scenario for a Hollywood family film.

The dolphin reef in Eilat living dog named Joker, which considers itself a dolphin ... Cute dog appeared on the reef about five years ago. In the morning he sought from God knows where, conducted at the pier, staring into the water for the dolphins, all day and in the evening, after dark, disappeared in an unknown direction. It took several weeks and long hours every day, he still watched and watched the dolphins, but suddenly one fine morning, as if deciding on a responsible step, rushed into the water and began to swim together with the sea beauties. Dolphins, no frightened, and perhaps, delighted, began to play with him, if they had been good friends for many years.

From that moment the dog's life blossomed with new colors. The dog greeted the dolphins in the morning, then jumped into the sea, catching of excellent swimmers that much to play along, slowly sailing along the pier. Tired of these "competitions", the dog jumped on a pontoon floating on the water, and then followed his unexpected friends, trying for a second not to lose sight of one. And if one of them, fighting off competition from the pack, sailed too far, he loudly and angrily barked, calming only when all the dolphins gathered at the pier. In the evening, he ran along the beach, looking at their possessions, and making sure that everything is in order, disappear until the next morning.
Where did that dog? Intrigued workers reef once decided to follow her, and found that every night dog runs several kilometers and returns home to Eilat, to his mistress. And in the morning he comes again into the family of dolphins. To tell the truth, he himself seems to have become a recognized member of the family. Perhaps, in his former life he was a dolphin? Or was suddenly erupted mutual love? This, when at first sight and for life ... One way or another, but since taxi drivers operating on the route dolphins Reef - Eilat began to stop at the sight of handsome shaggy, and he readily jumped on the seat and quietly went home. And they call him the Joker - how lucky card. But once Joker jumped into the car and disappeared stranger. It is impossible to convey in words how upset everyone who worked on the reef, but the matter was complicated by the fact that dolphins are not just become sad, and literally fell into depression. They now and then swam to the pier, looking out for his friend, and some of them have to give up all sweets that they brought for lunch serving marine dolphin. And then the administration of the reef gave an ad in the newspaper describing a missing dog, and to help find it and return it in no matter what.

Many thought that they saw a similar dog, and on the reef have spent a lot of time and money to search all over the country, from where came the response, but only a few weeks to a website dolphin reef has received a letter, whose author claimed that the missing dog lives I have to pick it up on the road a man on a farm about 100 km from Eilat. So the Joker back into the family of dolphins. By this time he seems to have forgotten his former mistress, a special love for which no different before. Day of his return to the reef was marked by a festive dinner and the Joker almost officially took over allowances. In the evening, tired but full of a sense of accomplishment, director of dolphin reef was about to go home, went to his car and has nothing surprised to find in the front seat peacefully awaiting his Joker. Now on the right dog lives with a host of dolphins, which, no doubt, does not prevent it again and again every morning appear at the pier, joyful barking announcing his appearance ... & quot;


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