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Decl - Yes, stimulation of pregnancy - is also very bad for the body in general, women and children. Plus, we give birth in the water. Why water? Because gravity when the baby is born, it is very valid because it is in free fall while being in my mother's belly, and he gets used to this condition for 9 months, and then it abruptly turns placed in an environment where there is attraction.

A. NASIBOV - But still it then out of the bath it is necessary to pull out.

Decl - Yes. To give birth in water, so there was a serious shock. The birth went very quickly, within three hours from the onset of labor, which is a very fast delivery.

A. NASIBOV - where you gave birth? In the apartment?

Decl - Yes, at the apartment.

A. NASIBOV - At home?

Decl - We had a midwife. No, we went to St. Petersburg, rented an apartment there, because we were a month in St. Petersburg, is found the midwife, we do want to give birth with the dolphins, which is illegal in our country.

A. NASIBOV - Well, where would you find the dolphins in St. Petersburg?

Decl - No, Peter has a dolphinarium, the same as in Moscow. Just found there exits a man who deals with the dolphins. In the end, we have failed.

A. NASIBOV - I would like to clarify about the dolphins. Give birth with dolphins - it will go to the dolphins or dolphins to bring home?

Decl - No, we go to the dolphins. But again, there is a swimming pool. If you do it in a natural environment for the dolphins, it's different. Because it is the sea, most likely it's some shoal, dolphins are in their usual environment, not in captivity. Because dolphins are also very everything is connected. They have a sense of schooling, that is, they have a leader. If the leader will behave like something is wrong, then things can go awry, but in captivity, they are less controllable, rather than in the wild, because they will feel themselves so impressively, and in captivity a little mischievous.

A. NASIBOV - but it did not work with the dolphins?

Decl - with a dolphin, yeah, did not work, so we gave birth in the pool, gave birth at home. I, along with the midwife took birth, literally everything happening before my eyes.

A. NASIBOV - I remind you that in the studio of the "School of the young father," Kirill Tolmatsky aka Decl singer. We are discussing how little was born, now a 11-month-old son ...

Decl - Mikrodetsl.


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