Most Famous Stars 90s and 00h: So, right now

Remember the main heroes of the past two decades and uznayem than they live and how to look now.

Decl (Cyril Tolmatsky)

On the "Decl a party at home" at the beginning of the zero-point "sausages" the whole country, including grannies and people insensitive to rap.

16-year-old Timothy (left) and Decl

But instead of staying in the jet and inevitably opopset, Decl quietly went to "his" - those who today runs his club performances, he knows all his creative aliases and can check out the longest dreadlocks in the country

Summer 2015: 32-year-old Decl and his wife (a former model) and 10-year-old son:

DJ Groove (Eugene Rudin) At 24, (left) and 43 years (2015 st.):

The heyday of electronic music in Russia in the mid-90's DJ Groove made one of the iconic figures of Russian show business, and the track "Happiness is" with the voices of Raisa and Mikhail Gorbachev sounded almost like a hymn to the new life, full of hope and freedom.
< br>

Musician and are successfully engaged in favorite business. And although the current reality can no longer afford to station (one time, Grove was the program director of the legendary "Station 106.8 FM»), he runs his own school of DJs and producers in Moscow. A more engaged in charity - helping to orphanages. Caption this picture "VKontakte": "Probably, with none of the actors so often do not meet as Dima Bilan during a tour flights»


The duet "Tatu" in the early 2000s (left) and in 2014 at the Olympics in Sochi:

If you recall, the provocative girl's duet at the beginning of the zero hit a fantastic global success, it is absolutely unique to the Russian artists. He then tried to repeat many, including ourselves, "tattoo" when parted and went solo. But only the "redhead" Lena Katina succeeded: her dance version of the song «Never Forget» in 2012, topped the US chart. Believe it or not, but in both images Lena, with a difference of 5 years and a dozen kilograms:. In 2009 (left) and 2014

Lena is now 31 years old, she lives in Los Angeles, married to a Slovenian rock musician. In the spring of 2015 they had a son. And you would have known it in the right girl?

"Temnenky" Yulia Volkova, Lena's younger than one year, decided on a radical change

Christmas photo of Julia in Instagram with 11-year-old daughter (she also has an 8-year old son)

Sasha Zvereva ( "Demo" group)

Even if you never knew the name of the vocalist of pop group "Demo", shot in 1999, and will not be able to name at least two of her songs, one is something you remember for sure - "Sun in the hands" was distributed literally from everywhere: from the radio, TV , stalls and cars. 17-year-old Sasha from Moscow (left) and 34-year-old Sasha - a resident of Los Angeles:

Zverev was faithful to the group until 2011, and now leads the solo projects and briefly presents itself as follows: "The Russian pop singer, fashion designer and mother of three children»


And remember this character?

A pioneer of hip-hop in our country, the face of the 90's, singer megahit "Do as I do" and the author of the now famous phrase "People hawala» -

Bogdan Titomir
< br> Today, eminent singer, DJ and producer, 48 years old, and it has completely changed ... 2015: rare photos without glasses

... Or did not change at all?

The same 2015-th:

In general, let's say: Titomir has not changed me. Is that part with drugs and other unhealthy habits 90.

Once upon a time (left) and spring 2015 (right):

Lika Star

Home 90 (left) and October 2015 of:

They say that the pop star was the 90th in the throat itself Alla Borisovna - when inadvertently carried away her young son in law Vladimir Presnyakov. Ostensibly this is why singing career Faces somehow illogical finished at the peak of popularity.

For nearly 15 years Lika lives in Sardinia in a happy marriage with the Italian businessman, with whom she has two children. A 20-year-old son from her first marriage, and he is already a married man.

Picture right Lika posted in social networks in December 2015 with a record: "Few people know me another - today, adult, not for years, and experience, smart and just the one who loves to listen and likes to remain silent»


Vlad Staszewski

In 20 years (early career) and 39 years (2013):

Orfeo 90 with the face of the hero of fairy tales "Thousand and One Nights" brought to fainting as the young girls and their mothers, but ended up in favor of zero, trying to turn into a romance of


According to the tabloid press, the current Vlad manages enterprise for disposal of liquid chemical waste, but occasionally performs at clubs with their old hits. Until recently, he also occasionally appeared in television as an "expert on education of children" (a former pop idol are two of them). When this reporter pointed out that the 42-year-old Vlad "has not changed in 15 years." On the left - the old picture, right - his most recent photos from one of the social events in Moscow (December 2015-th):

Natalya Vetlickaya

What we knew it:

One of the brightest beauties of our platform has disappeared from sight in the middle of the zero, and a few years later, in December 2009, appeared on the cover of Russian InStyle -. Even more luxurious and incredibly stylish in its 45 years

Then she named three reasons for his departure from the show business: "First - I totally wore out a mad race for PR and earnings. The second - a huge stress, I felt the performances. And the third - a purely personal, I do not want to make it to the public »


In 2013 Vetlickaya and all left the country and now lives in seclusion in Spain with his 11-year-old daughter. Right - rare photos of the last time: the paparazzi caught the 50-year-old Natalia shopping in a supermarket in 2014


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