10 unique features Stewardess Training in China

Every time aboard an airliner you smile stewardess, remember that this sweet girl held in the form of more than serious training. A cabin crew duties radically different from what they do, "terrestrial" waitresses or hotel staff. Smiling beauty on board are mainly responsible for the safety of the flight, so they have to get used to the constant training. And most severe everyday life - from the Chinese flight attendants: unbelievable, after that they have to go through to get the job

! Every gesture, every movement of these miniature "dolls" are brought to automatism. To begin with a smile: future stewardesses and spend it this way: holding sticks in the teeth ... on top Journal forces to maintain ideal posture. Well, and properly handle stacked - in this position a college student of Civil Aviation in Chengdu, Sichuan Province of China have to spend a lot of time ... As a result we see the plane "the sky fairies" board with a straight back and a radiant smile


Test your posture: turn away if a bottle of mineral water for three minutes - the exam rented


Now check the ability to properly stand - held between his knees a standard sheet of paper


Job Flight Attendant by Chinese standards - one of the most prestigious and well-paid, so every year hundreds of thousands of young men and women trying to enter the aviation schools, where they face persistent and repetitive testing of appropriate etiquette movements: for example, bows ...

Testing of correct postures and posture - in full dress uniform to movement seemed natural. This also applies to men - in China they are also reluctant to work attendants


Note that the "dog training" is carried out with full make-up and appropriate hairstyle. Form stewardess dictates a clear set of poses that she could be taken during the flight, they can also work out to automaticity. Strongly resembles training in kung fu? These are the harsh demands of the Chinese flight etiquette ...

And here is actually martial arts! Flight attendant should be able to neutralize the troublemaker on board without the use of any kind have been weapons.

And again - working methods in order to bring them to full automaticity


These classes have the impression of special forces training!

Testing of the force of impact, resistance to cold weapons to overcome the obstacle course - and it's all for fragile and young girls


Exam: Requires one stroke to break a plate hand ...

This practice was introduced by Chinese carriers since 2013. Then the flight attendants had to repeatedly withstand attacks by passengers. For example, 30 of angry customers long delay flight of one of the airline broke down the door and rushed to the airport on the tarmac ...

And of course, training to neutralize offenders are held in real terms close cabin of an aircraft.

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