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To become a flight attendant, one desire is not enough. These cute girls who make us feel comfortable during the flight, rigorous examinations according to many criteria.

Site gathered the most unusual requirements that the airlines impose on its flight attendants.

15. The ability to swim

Flight attendants from different companies should be able to swim at least 20 metres (as, for example, Ryanair). Stewardesses British Airways must swim at least 50 meters without help. This is a necessary skills in the case of an aircraft forced landing on water.

14. Short hair

Airlines want their flight attendants with neatly coiffed hair who don't cover their faces and do not interfere with the flight attendants to perform their duties. But British Airways wish valetina their bortagaray with hair below the shoulders.

13. The lack of tattoos and piercing

Most airlines requires that flight attendantswasn't visible tattoos that can not be covered, and body piercing.

12. Survival skills in the jungle

In case the extra plane will sit in the wild, Brazilian airline TAM Airlines holds for its flight attendants practicing skills that will help to navigate and survive in the jungle.

11. Power

Often flight attendants have to help passengers stow hand Luggage in special compartments near the ceiling. So they must be strong enough, because the Luggage can weigh a few pounds. AirlineAir New Zealand require that their flight attendants could lift 10 kg to a height of 170 cm, standing with both feet on the floor and not rising.

10. The lack of moles on the face

It is also a prerequisite for the position of flight attendants at many airlines.

9. Short nails

For flight attendants on many airlines it is unacceptable to have long nails. Company Hawaiian Airlines for example, set the length of the nail from the tip of your fingers only 3 mm and shorter.

8. The ban on marriage

Jet Airways dial only unmarried stewardesses'. However, this rule concerns only the "inexperienced" employees, workers with experience are allowed to marry.

7. Some growth

Every airline of his claim, but the average to become a flight attendant, the growth of girls needs to vary from 158 to 188 cm More important, to what height can reach a flight attendant. Thus, the airline Emirates want their flight attendants could to reach 212 cm in height.

6. A certain weight

Usually, airlines require that their flight attendants had model figures, enough weight was proportionate to height on the basis of body mass index. This is enough to fit into the requirements Czech Airlines.

5. The "right" amount of hip

French company Aigle Azur went even further — she identified the "ideal" hip measurement to its flight attendants:not more than 100 cm.

4. Youth

Most airlines do not adhere to strict age limits when hiring flight attendants. But American airlines Delta Air Lines categorical in this matter: they hire only those who are under 25 years.

3. No hair in the nose and armpits

American Airlines require that their flight attendants were at work, only removing visible hair from nostrils, ears and armpits.

2. Knowledge of kung fu

Sometimes on Board the aircraft are brawlers, which is not so easy to calm. In addition, there is always a danger of penetration in the plane of the attacker. Therefore Hong Kong Airlines find it useful to for their flight attendants classes in kung fu.

1. Beautiful legs

In China, fierce competition in the profession of flight attendants. Therefore, the requirements are constantly getting tougher. Training flight attendants are more like a military drill: girls are taught martial arts and the ability to patiently stand with a bottle on the head for good posture and clamped a sheet of paper between your knees for proper position of your feet. But one of the strangest requirements for flight attendants in China Southern Airlines: her legs should be lean — no X - or O-shaped feet!

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