10 girls who had the courage to turn the modeling business around

In the fashion industry, models with doll faces and parameters 90-60-90 are more and more appreciated, but girls with non-standard appearance and original views of the world.

The site decided to acquaint you with unusual and striking representatives of modern fashion, who destroy all stereotypes.

Salem Mitchell

Despite the fact that 18-year-old Salem Mitchell has just signed her first modeling contract, Nylon magazine has already named her as a future icon of the fashion industry. The girl is not shy about her freckles and seeks to prove to all women in the world that an appearance with a twist is cool.

Casil MacArthur

β€œIt takes a lot of courage to be who you want to be,” says transgender model Casil McArthur, who admires Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein. Kasil was born in a female body, but at the age of 16 he spoke about his gender dysphoria and began to conquer the covers of glossy magazines as a man.

Adwoa Aboah

British model Adwoa Aboah wins over with her sincerity. This girl frankly talks about overcoming drug addiction and criticizes the stereotypes of the modeling business. Each of her steps on the podium is another proof that being herself is much better than pretending to be an ideal.

Natalie Westling

Red-haired Natalie (Natalie Westling) fell in love with such giants of the fashion industry as Prada and Christian Dior. The girl also managed to star in photo shoots for Vogue, Another Magazine, iD and Dazed.

Diana Veras

Diana (Diana Veras) is proud of her figure and hair, does not hide cellulite, refuses to follow trends and shines on the covers of Harper's Bazaar and Teen Vogue. She leads one of the most honest Instagram, in which she demonstrates her life without photoshop.

Tierra Wellett

A memorable appearance made Tierra Ouellette one of the main stars of the Anti-Agency modeling agency, which specializes in finding girls with non-standard looks. Her career is just beginning, but we are confident that Wellett has every chance of making her way into fashion history.

Scarlett Costello

The Frida Kahlo-style monobrow is a striking feature of 19-year-old Scarlett Costello. The girl who did not pluck her eyebrows was teased at school. Well, now classmates are jealous of Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan's favorites.

Isabel Hendrix

Plus-size model Isabel Hendrix is not shy about wearing crop tops, loves changing hair color and is sure that fashion shouldn't have any rules.

Stella Lucia

The young Austrian model says that for her fashion is a way to show herself and her personality. Photoshoots for Tom Ford and Alexander Wang, as well as participation in shows for Gucci, Chanel and Fendi only prove that Stella Lucia is great at it.

Jazelle Zanauti

Rebel Jazzelle (Jazzelle Zanaughtti) loves to experiment with looks and is not afraid to show her character. It was this boldness and outrageousness that made her a star on the catwalks and one of the most memorable novice models of our days.

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