How to become an ideal passenger?

Stewardess Shawn Kathleen agreed to give some tips on how to become an ideal passenger aircraft.

1. Recognize our existence
A simple smile or even look may change a lot. Some of the passengers completely ignore the crew during the flight. When this happens all the time, then it is difficult to handle.
"If the passenger is kind enough to pick me up, I am convinced that I am not a ghost," - says Sean.

2. Listen
The crew understands that you have many times seen the demonstration of safety. But it would be great if you will silently pretended to look, not to disturb others. And it would be wonderful if you removed the headphones, when asked the stewardess.

3. Do not dismiss his hands
"Please do not touch, do not poke, without pinching, and we do not pull on clothing. Yes, that happens. More people waving their arms in the air, shouting, snap your fingers (not again!), And even shake the empty cup, drawing attention. However, it is best to work the usual "I'm sorry, miss».
Are you a good passenger, if you do not put your feet on the table or on the armrest. And be kind to remove the foot from the aisle! The crew does not like steps.

4. Wear socks
"The plane - a form of public transport. The key word here - the public. This is not your room, please respect other people and do not remove their socks! »

5. Move faster
Passengers who can quickly take their place, are highly valued. Worse stuck behind "sluggish of Man," which puts the bag in the middle passage and rummages in it, forcing the others to wait. That's why you need preflight planning - to lay down within easy reach of everything you may need on board.

6. Changing diapers
So, you took advantage of a folding table in the bathroom to change the baby diaper? Excellent. Passengers who do this in his seat, just do not get the title of passengers a year. By the way, the back pocket of the seat is not intended for the disposal of used diapers.

7. Go with the flow
Just relax and go with the flow - the most important thing that you safely arrive at your destination. Waitress can not control the weather, get it out of the ground to your favorite food or change the air traffic.
Gold medal can deliver passengers to exit from the aircraft say "thank you." Extra points can be obtained by the crew laugh. Many flight attendants love to receive gifts in the form of chocolate or candy (though Sean insists that this will not affect passenger services).

Well, of course, our, Russian flight attendants the most beautiful! Photos from the Russian beauty contest among flight attendants.




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