Dogs coping with criminals

Meet dogs commandos who are trained to deal with criminals in the most dangerous situations. Specially focused animals from the training center "Wolfgrey K9", which is based near the Indian city of Bangalore - the real mercenaries. They are very popular among the teams of special forces, intelligence agencies and armed forces around the world. Dog breed German Shepherd, Dutch and Belgian Shepherds are carefully selected, and they are experienced dog handlers. Obedience - the basis of training and communication with the dog. Training program lasts 18 months.

Masood Ahmed, and two-year Belgian Shepherd named Sin in the water part of training.

As soon as the sight of an armed "terrorist" chetyrehlapy defender nicknamed The Demon jumps out of the bus window clings and sharp teeth into the hand of "criminal", neutralizing it. As a result, it does not even seem to bite more on the electric shock. He can knock you off your feet.

Dog Zippo, which is also known as the Buddha, and canine Massoud in the department "Phoenix".

Canine Hillandra and Belgian sheepdog Caesar.


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