Water quenching member (2 pictures)

Here's a method I invented to get rid of premature ejaculation:
Washing under a shower, he quenched his penis hot and cold water. More precisely - the head.
I must say that there is a certain subtlety:

 - Because of the heat increases blood flow (and there, and so it is full), then you need to be very careful that the member simply does not burst, and then have to stay only with the nose.

 - Just avoid contact with hot water in the scrotum, as it is this sperm can poperedohnut (news said that from the long sitting in the car warmed seats - motorists they just die).

 - You can not burn the head, so as not to be at all impotent. It is necessary to draw up a timetable and work hardening on the rise.


 - Head of the penis may soon start to fade as the skin after sunburn. This is an indication that there is a replacement of the skin in a particularly sensitive areas.

 - After the second or third molt deal almost done!

The theoretical justification:

From birth, head of the penis at rest is closed foreskin. Growing up, the boys begin to practice masturbation. Masturbators can be divided into two groups:

1) Masturbates so that uncover the shroud-penis (or already raschehlёnnom state);
2) Masturbates uncovered no-shrouded.

And then begin to diverge their life paths.
The first, most likely, will not suffer premature konchaniya, or it will pass quickly. The second is faced with.

When freed the head penetrates the woman, it is like Neo when he first opened his eyes to the real "Nebuchadnezzar" almost blind.

Everything, in fact, seriously and naturally. Water - much better than tablets or circumcision.

More trick:

With direct watering at an angle of 90 degrees there are painful sensations.
It should be watered diagonally.


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