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This photograph of the Afghan girl Steve Mc Curry did in 1984. Collecting materials about the war, he visited a refugee camp, which was located on the Afghan-Pakistani border. In the room primary school photographer saw a girl with an unusual look. The teacher told Steve that the parents of the little girl killed during an attack on their home village, and she, along with his brothers, sisters and grandmother managed to escape. Then the family is still a long two weeks of travel by foot through the mountains to the border. The journalist took a picture of the girl, not knowing that this picture will bring him worldwide fame. In a hurry, he even forgot to ask the name of the girl.

After the picture was placed on the cover of National Geographic in June 1985, this picture has been voted the most popular in the history of this publication. From the moment Steve every day for many years, took phone calls and letters regarding the girl in the photo. Concerned readers would like to help her financially, adopt, and some men even wanted to marry her. This unusual image became a symbol of the refugee problem around the world. Hundreds of artists have tried to paint a portrait of a girl with piercing eyes and a heavy fate.

Personality little refugee was unknown for 17 years, although Steve Mc Curry all this time trying to learn how to fold it fate. Only after the overthrow of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan in 2001, it became possible to start a full-text search. Publication of National Geographic in this expedition sent a team led by Mc Curry. They still managed to find the legendary girl who, as it turned out, Sharbat Gula name. At the time of their meeting she was already thirty years old.

Sharbat did not know that so famous, but perfectly remember an incident with a photographer in the camp. With the permission of her husband she opened the face, giving the opportunity to make some new pictures. She told reporters that she had returned to his native country in 1992. Now she is married and has three daughters. She dreams of her children received an education that she herself did not manage to finish.

This year marks exactly thirty years since the publication of photos of the famous "Afghan Girl" by Steve Mc Curry. Unfortunately, the problem is that it symbolizes, is relevant today. If you liked the story about one of the most famous images in the world, will certainly share this material with your friends.

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