15 evidence that the student - an unforgettable time. Nostalgia!

That session was held among students. Some have a rest, basking in the sun, while others have not yet dogryzli granite science and run with the record book on cabinets. The period of the most difficult exams in the student's life, but how many moments of fun can bring! Just think, who, however, students can carefree twiddle entire semester, and then for the last night will learn everything. And even without learning, always find a way to write off. Teachers do not stop surprising ingenuity and resourcefulness of young students, but also try to keep up. This collection of the funniest ads for students surely make you smile!

The main motivation!

«Last Hero" is resting.

zakos sesiyu - hang for the "tail»!

philosophy put!

Take care of the little head after all.

Happy, say, a ticket?

«I want to play the game with the" Session »».

That's played enough.

Oh, I've forgotten who this Anastasia Alekseevna ...

No student - no headaches.

And not a drop of conflict.

It is an axiom!

Please continue underperforming!

Important All information submitted.

It's nice when you worry about!

Many would agree that the student, the most fun in life. Abstracts and cribs, sleepless session and the queue at the dean's office - a romantic feel, just as a student. And favorite teachers: where do without their wonderful sense of humor! And you laugh notes for students? Share with your friends - lift their spirits.

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