It is hard to imagine, but it's true: 20 facts, which are difficult to believe.

The more you learn about the world, the more you realize how little you know about it. But to open new, unknown is always very interesting and exciting. Mystery's still so attractive! Today eagerly want to share with the readers of This is not a joke, and not fictions, but absolutely reliable and verified information. B>

I have no doubt that you will be interested to read!


1. Bacteria living in your body, 10 times more than the cells from which it is made. B> Judging by the number and variety of DNA cells, you'd think you were walking bacterium. But taking into account the weight of the cells, and human right prevail.

2. Fingerprints koalas can not be distinguished from human fingerprints even under an electron microscope. B> For years, zoologists could not even understand why marsupial bears patterns on the fingers. But scientists have come to the conclusion that this feature increases the tenacity of the extremities, and it helps koalas climbing trees.

3. The heart of a blue whale is so huge that one can easily swim through the arteries. B> and it weighs about 590 kg! But, the truth, to find himself in such a blood vessel is not like ...

4. Human DNA is 50% of banana DNA repeats. B> Of course, this does not mean that a person becomes more and more like the tasty fruit, but the fact has already been proved by modern science. How do you feel half-banana?

5. Honey - the only food that never spoils. B> Honey is very hygroscopic and absorbs moisture. And it mainly consists of fructose, which is a complex sugar, in principle, does not deteriorate. You can always enjoy this delicious product.

Physics and Astronomy

6. The day on Venus lasts longer than a year on Venus. B> The day on Venus lasts 243 Earth days, and a year - 224 Earth days 7. How many days here last working week?

7. On Saturn's moon Titan man could fly. B> However, attaching the wings to the arms ready ... The reason is the very low gravity and high density of the atmosphere. But do not dream of flying, people can not exist on Titan without special tools for breath, because its atmosphere is imbued with deadly hydrogen cyanide for earthlings.

8. On Saturn and Jupiter rains of diamonds. B> The fact that lightning convert methane to carbon, which hardens during the fall, and 1 600 km transformed into blocks of graphite. And after 6000 km of these blocks are diamonds. Recent continue to fall further for 30 000 km. But in the end falling diamonds reach such a depth that the high temperatures of hot cores of planets just melt them.

9. If you drill a tunnel through the entire Earth and jump back to the theory on the other side you can come in 42 minutes. B> 12 700 m for almost a minute? It sounds good for the fastest trip. But whether or not to believe in the reality of survival in such a tunnel, as in reality the experience as a whole?

10. Since the discovery of Pluto to the moment of his deprivation of the status of the world, he did not make one revolution around the sun. B> I would like to say the same: "Do not have time».

Geography and History

11. The area of ​​Russia more than the area of ​​the entire Pluto. B> And the numbers prove: 17,075,400 and 16,650,000 square meters. km respectively.

12. At the top of Mount Everest has a mobile connection. B> Nepali mobile operator and Internet provider Ncell placed at the highest point of the Earth 9 base stations of cellular networks 3G. I doubt that there will be convenient to talk.

13. For 14 years prior to the launching of "Titanic" to water the novel was written about how it sank. B> Actually, no one else at that time unknown writer published a novel "Futility", which describes the collapse of a huge ship called " Titan ". After the death of "Titanic," the author Morgan Robertson's novel has been called one of the greatest prophets of the XX century.

14. From space you can see the border between East and West Germany because of the different light bulbs. Here, strictly speaking, a confirmation:

15. Neil Armstrong had to fill in an immigration form when he returned to the United States from the moon. B> When the July 24, 1969 Neil Armstrong returned to Earth, it has a warm welcome waiting for customs and customs declaration form. And he filled it, and modern astronauts fill ...

Culture and Society

16. In 1968, Steven Spielberg dropped out but later resumed her and graduated already in 2002. B> As the owner of three "Oscars" and many other awards want to thank the parents for what they have given him the opportunity to pursue higher education.

17. Almost all of the articles in Wikipedia connect and send you to the philosophy. B> Start to click on the first link in the chain of each article. The link must be in parentheses and italic. If repeated, it should be after the next click. Almost 95% of the cases at the end you get to the "philosophy».

18. One of 10 Icelanders became an author, having at least one publication in your life. B> Let the statistics on, but in Iceland it is written, published and sold the largest number of books per capita.

19. Opiginalnoe title of the book "Gone with the winds up" - "Be-Be, chepny lamb». B> The original writer as the title of his novel used the line from the English nursery rhyme: «Baa, baa, black sheep» («Be-Be, black sheep »).

20. Arabs verse 28 different sizes, and we have - only 5. B> And the words and sentences they write from right to left. It is not easy, perhaps, to be Arab poet ...

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