Crazy or genius? The whole truth about the most beautiful castle in the history of mankind.

One of the most visited castles in Germany, Neuschwanstein (literally translated - "new swan cliff") stands against the backdrop of the fabulous scenery of the Alps, as the backdrop for the film fantasy. Even more wonderful story of the castle, because it was conceived as a refuge for the reclusive king. Ludwig II had to ascend to the throne when he was not yet 20 years old. His life was full of setbacks and disappointments, because the king was immersed in a fantasy world, building fairy castles in remote, inaccessible areas. These creations were produced so luxurious that the king called "fabulous." He even wanted his designs destroyed after death. It is noteworthy that marvelous Neuschwanstein Castle was the childhood dream of Ludwig II, which so attracted tales, drama, and the Middle Ages.

Construction lasted from 1869 to 1886. Conceived first as a three-storey Gothic castle, Neuschwanstein is gradually increased in the five-story castle in romantic style. King has always been generous when it came to realization of his architectural fantasies, and hired the best artists from around the world! He did not use public funds, and wasted his own treasury, which then thrust it into the large debts.

The plateau on which now stands the castle, Ludwig ordered to blow up, thus lowering it to 8 meters. The epitome of the ideas involved architect Eduard Riedel and Munich master Christian Jank. At that time, the construction of this masterpiece required Herculean effort and tons of materials. Columns, windows, roof protrusions created from Salzburg marble. Crane working on a steam-powered, raised stoitelnye designs, which are then adjusted by means of lifting blocks. In the castle of Hohenschwangau, which is next door, the king has a bedroom with a telescope, with which he oversaw the construction of Neuschwanstein.

Every detail of the castle reflects the restless and eccentric nature of the king, his passion for the works of Wagner's interest in the life of medieval kings, the desire to escape into a dream world. Inside the castle walls are decorated with murals depicting scenes from the fairy-tale operas of Wagner, a close friend of Ludwig. Swan logo - one more important detail in the image of the castle. King identified with the swan knight, a tragedy which was infinite loneliness. In the living room of the castle is the symbol of The Legend swan - a massive vase.

When the king died, construction stopped. The third floor of the castle and knight's room remained unfinished, the main 90-meter tower was not built at all. Inside the castle is no less luxurious. Above the headboard of the king, adorned with delicate wooden carvings, 15 craftsmen worked for four and a half years.

The photo shows the chapel of King and folding altar.

Paul vaulted entrance hall on the fourth floor is decorated with a huge mosaic depicting the flora and fauna.

The Throne Room, which has not been completed, can be considered the most impressive room of the castle. Nine marble steps lead to the place where he was placed a throne of ivory and gold. This room is devoted to the grace of God. B>

King was planning to build another castle in the mountains, but have not carried out their plan. At the end of the life of Ludwig declared mentally ill, then chased and killed secretly. Rumor has it that at the time the Nazis in the castle housed a division of the Third Reich, to study the culture of the Nibelungs, runes and engaged in the occult. The castle also keeps things from the personal collection of Hitler. With the Marienbr├╝cke bridge, named after the mother of the king, with a spectacular view.

Because the castle is situated on a hill, it is often shrouded mist. At such moments, it looks great and lonely, like himself, Ludwig II. Today this masterpiece of architecture is the pride of the Bavarians, whose ancestors had once destroyed its creator. But the image of the fairy king, like an integral part of the Alpine landscape, forever imprinted in the history of mankind. Share and you this legendary story of the most beautiful castle in Germany.

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