This guy collects crowds of people on the street. Simply brilliant, he gets up!

This young drummer from Sydney studied music in Japan and even played in the Australian group. But apparently, this talented musician is not enough, and he found himself one more entertainment - performances on the street. Surprisingly not even place, and the instrument that plays a guy, it's the most ordinary buckets! Indeed, why buy expensive equipment, if you can use the means at hand ?! A talented musician can extract audio from any objects. It is not surprising that such a spectacle gathers crowds.

Words can not convey how positive emotions you get looking at his street performances. Energy is through the roof! Make sure it himself.

As you can see, you can create art, even without expensive equipment and materials, and it's not just music. Share your videos with friends, who knows, maybe inspire them to recall what they saw on their own talents!

via ofigenno ru


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