This guy decided to test rides on the playground. His reaction was to be seen!

The times when everything is better to give the children left behind. Today, even with conventional playgrounds, things are tight. In the big cities on the site of recreation for children often grow shops or offices, or platform can transform the banal into a parking lot for transport. And on the periphery is often simply not enough money for the construction of new playgrounds.

However, not all as bad as it might seem at first glance. In the village of Sloboda, Tver region, local craftsmen have built their own playground for children. However, their brutal view it may shock susceptible individuals. Some people think that the rides are more similar to the scenery for the film "Saw" than a teeter-carousel.

But lovers of steam-punk and industrial music of this design will be thrilled! Moreover, the harsh appearance of attractions supported by excellent functionality. On such simulators can prepare astronauts!

And when these roundabouts, simulators try to ride untrained people, it looks very funny. The reaction of the guy who took a chance to try the children's rides, you see: «brake me fast!» I>

As you can see, these playgrounds can submit It is not for everyone. However, local daredevils sure of it in delight. Who knows, maybe soon one of the boys of the village would be an astronaut or a champion in acrobatics?

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