This poor guy framed his best friend ... As the saying goes, passed the guts!

They say the animal rather than the dog could not be found. But there's more to see on which side ... That's what happens when our smaller brothers look up to the person. This huge treacherous dog passed his friend - French Bulldog - owners just guts. Most interestingly, it did not even remorse. You can not say about the poor fellow Bulldog ... The poor fellow even tears flowed from the betrayal of a best friend.

In general, what can I tell it you want to see. The reaction of the French Bulldog - just scream. The circus, not a dog! I almost tore the stomach from laughing.

Bulldog almost fell through the ground in shame. Oh, the trouble is, oh, the trouble is, if you sneak in the house! Share this hilarious video to friends and acquaintances - lift their spirits.


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