Funny moments. 20 funny pictures of law enforcement.

Service law enforcement officers in the famous song, "and dangerous and difficult." However, even in their harsh life is a time for relaxation and fun. In the end, the police - are people just like you and me. And also love to joke and laugh or cheer up others.

A remove the tooth can generally free.

So what is needed radio!

I do not understand?!

You go, always happy!

Citizens motorists in a hurry! Traffic police carries out the action. B>

detained especially dangerous criminal.

Investigatory experiment is successful!


He was tired to fight crime.

The police is always a place of strong male friendship.

Go on the arrow!

A new breed of guard dogs.

camouflaged on the ground ...

They are everywhere!

In the sweat of fight against smuggling!

scent smell that smell of a crime!

Our numbers can replenish each!

Our office and the dangerous and difficult ...

What did not do to re-offenders?

And among law enforcement officers have saints.

Our police argue that a sense of humor, too, is not alien to them! Give your friends a good mood and to share with them these pictures.

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