This 79-year old woman ran away from the orphanage and went missing. Find her son was very surprised ...

This lovely lady of advanced age named Sadie Sellers. She was 79 years old and she lives in a modern and comfortable nursing home. When her son Tony Sellers came to visit her mother, she was not in place. She seemed vanished, without even leaving a note. Staff institutions was confused and could not give a full explanation of kin Sellers Why not inspected for the older woman.

The son of the old woman decided not to waste any time and immediately went in search of his mother. Unexpectedly Tony Sellers found her in a very strange place.

How it turned out, Sadie Sellers ran away from the orphanage. How you will be surprised when you find out the cause! B>

Straight from the orphanage she went to the nearest tattoo parlor to make a first in the life of a tattoo. When the tattoo artist besbashnuyu old woman asked that her family will say about this, Sadie said: «I do not need fucking care and instruction. When you live to be my age, you realize that you need to live each day to the full! » I>

The son of the old woman was shocked: «I just could not believe it! When I walked into a tattoo parlor, he saw his mother, surrounded by three huge bullies. Master did her tattoo. It is usually very educated and discreet, but sometimes swears like a trooper ». I>

It is unlikely that someone will turn the language to condemn this granny. Before his death, people often regret that something never done in my entire life. Let's follow the example of this woman, we put aside all prejudices and we will live each day as the last, with enjoying life. Tell me about that old rebellious to their friends.

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