19 toys, from which you want to cry. These products may not only hurt the child's mind!

Each of us knows the adage about a difficult childhood and wooden toys nailed to the floor. However, looking at some of the "masterpieces" of modern toy manufacturers, a difficult childhood of sayings can only envy. In modern times the shops you can find so strange items for children, that one wonders, "and under what substances were the creators of this misunderstanding?┬╗

Horrible boy-crab. Perhaps it was created to ensure that children can play in the "Fukushima┬╗. B>

Set for the young child to the dentist will help meet the need for pulling teeth.

Do you know why this horse mane blue and golden tail?

And here is why!

Angry Unicorn Killer three victims and four types of removable antlers.

Another version of the Unicorn Killer. At this time the narwhal, in which the victim even offer a koala! B>

When the kiddies get bored, they can "cheer" a game of Russian roulette ...

I wonder what preparations took the creators of this blue Harry Potter?

I sincerely hope that such toys will never be popular, and as quickly as possible disappear from shop windows. Be sure to tell your friends about it, that they may be more attentive to children's stores, and there will never buy the first available toy.

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