The woman first saw his dog after surgery. Her emotions have to see!

"We are responsible for those who have tamed." This phrase from the immortal works of "The Little Prince" is to remember everyone, but especially someone who has pets. The protagonist of today's stories is called Sammy, and he dog. For the three months prior to the events taking place in the video, he found an anomaly in the neck because he completely lost the ability to walk. But doctors from the California clinic made him an operation and were able to fix it. After rehabilitation Sammy started to run again. And in the video depicting the meeting hostess already healthy pet. The manifestation of these emotions need to see with my own eyes ... So let's look!

It's great that there are people in the world who are willing to give everything for the sake of the other, weaker creatures, because people are most likely to take care of themselves, and animals - more vulnerable, especially if they depend on the person. Bravo doctors. Bravo mistress. Bravo courage of Sammy!

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