Stupidity is against the mind: the eternal Zhvanetskogo of wit. Up to date at all times!

The famous writer and satirist, author and performer of his own works of literature Mikhail Zhvanetskiy known for his concise and often sharp statements about human vices of society. In his sketches, you can find yourself - although we are, it is true, and this is not very desirable. At this time in front of you his brilliant statement about intelligent and stupid people. As always: briefly about the current!

See how a point mentioned.

Um - is not knowledge, not the ability to get into any conversation, on the contrary, or, as one premier, did! i>

The mind does not mean the ability to maintain a conversation with scientists. i>

If you're smart, you realize that you do not understand. i>

The mind often speaks in silence. i>

The mind feels faults or unpleasant moments for the interlocutor and bypasses them. i>

Um anticipates answer and say nothing if he does not want to hear it. i>

And, in general, the mind something to offer. i>

The stupidity does not offer. i>

The stupidity does not ask. i>

Stupidity explains. i>

In general, with a clever better. i>

With him you are free and lazy. i>

with a fool you are busy all the time. i>

You have to work hard. i>

He'll objects and objects ... For sure it! i>

And these senseless objections you lose strength, endurance and ingenuity that are so proud of. i>

With fool you in anything you can not agree to. i>

And feel what you have bad character. i>

So rest with smart! i>

Have a rest with him, dear! i>

I beg you! i>

Once again I admire the talent unrivaled humorist! If you also liked it as a true statement, the share portion of irrefutable truths with his friends.

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