Extravaganza of the night sky - Perseids. This meteoric must see!

Every year in mid-August romance all over the world are enjoying an indescribable stellar show - meteor shower with the beautiful name Perseids. At this time, the Earth passes through the trail of dust particles, which raised the comet Swift - Tuttle. Many of these tiny grains coming into our atmosphere, burn it and form an incredibly beautiful meteor shower.

Meteor shower and you can admire the naked eye. Only need to leave the house, and if possible to find the least-lit place to light street lamps are not eclipsed the starry sky. It is best to leave the city, although you can get, and in the clearing of a large park or find a dark spot on the beach.

Then you need to look around and look in the northeast of the constellation Perseus. If you are not good at the starry sky, the easier it will be first to recognize the constellation Cassiopeia that their appearance is similar to the Latin letter W. Perseus will be below Cassiopeia.

Now you just lie down comfortably and watch the stars in the chosen direction, enjoying the unique representation of the night - a meteor shower. And do not forget to come up with more wishes in advance and have time to think of as "shooting star" has not yet burn out. Indeed, in the peak of activity Perseids per hour you can see up to 90 meteors.

In order not to waste many words to describe the beauty of the Perseids, the editors Ofigenno.cc offers a look at a selection of beautiful frames, which depicted this extraordinary star extravaganza.

The village Spassky, now a suburb of the city of Vladimir, Russia

Photo: VK - Alex Kuzmuk

La Silla Observatory, Chile

Photo: ESO

Pidhirtsi village, Lviv region, Ukraine

Photo: Livejournal - Artofnel

City Orsk, Orenburg region, Russia

Photo: Instagram - Paul Sagaidak

near Mount Beshtau Pyatigorsk, Stavropol, Russia

Photo: Pavel Bogdanov

City Belgorod, Russia

Photo: VK - Alexander Krasilnikov

Village Kaltasy, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia

Photo: VK - Alexander Mehovnikov

However, some photos are rarely manages to convey all the beauty of the Perseids. So it's time to spend the evening somewhere on the nature and enjoy the spectacle firsthand. Inform friends about the beautiful Starfall and share with them this record.

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