Meteor rain or Perseids (15 photos)

In the night sky falling star? Make-your fondest wish! And every August, for nearly a month, at night you can make a wish to one hundred per night, and even more! After all, our planet within a few weeks will be under the "bombardment" of falling meteorites, which in astronomy are called meteor shower or the Perseids. This year, the number of meteors reaches the mark "above average", and it will be really exciting event for the celestial observers from around the world.

1) Almost all of August 2009 (up to ~ 24 August), you can observe a rich meteor shower Perseids called. This picture was taken using a long shutter speed and the lens' fish-eye ».

2) The Earth's surface is constantly bombarded by celestial bodies of various sizes. When the friction of air particles are heated and burn or evaporate, leaving a bright trace - a meteor.

3) called Meteor light phenomenon that occurs at an altitude of 80 km to 130 km from the Earth's surface during the invasion of the earth's atmosphere particles - meteoroids.


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