The granddaughter was about to say goodbye to life until you came to my grandmother ...

It often happens that in life everything goes awry. In those moments when you're at a dead end, I want to just give up and shut down from all over the world. Familiar, is not it? The main thing - your attitude to what is happening.

Once a certain girl was in a difficult situation, I wanted to commit suicide. Constant stress, anxiety, and problems of the whole point of being selected. She is in need of good advice, so I decided to visit his grandmother. Granddaughter had no idea what she will teach a lesson old!


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After hearing all the indignation granddaughter, grandmother without a word he took her to the kitchen. Then, filled three pots with water, an elderly woman put one carrot, the second - the egg, and the third - the coffee beans. Relatives stood in silence, waiting for the water to boil.


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After 20 minutes, the grandmother removed the pan from the heat, took out the carrots and egg, poured coffee into a cup and said: « Tell me, what do you see? I>» She replied: « Carrots, eggs and coffee i> ». Grandma summed up closer and asked her granddaughter to try carrots. Grandson noticed that after cooking the carrots become soft. Follow the instructions of the old woman had to break an egg. She cleared it from the shell and saw a hard-boiled egg welded. Then it was necessary to try coffee. Taking a sip, granddaughter asked: « What does all this mean, Grandma? I>»


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Then my grandmother explained: « All three products were subjected to the same test - cooking in boiling water, but each reacted to it differently. Carrot was hard and strong, but, once in hot water, become soft. The outer egg shell protects the internal liquid content, but after cooking its interior became hard. A ground coffee beans, after been in boiling water, changing the water » i>.


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Then granddaughter heard the question: « Now, tell me, who are you? When difficulties arise in your way, how do you react to them? As a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean? Think about who you are? I>

You - "carrots", which only seems strong and sturdy, but as soon as there are problems, you become soft and weak? i>

You - "egg"? Under normal circumstances, you're soft and warm-hearted, and as soon as you get up everyday before or financial problems, it becomes stiff and hard? Your shell is not changed in appearance, you've only got inside. I>

Or do you - "coffee seed"? When the water is heated, grain gives the smell, taste and color. If you like the coffee bean, then, when everything is very bad and you have difficulties, you become the other and change the situation around you ». I>

Words that sounded at the end, made recently suffering a Woman strongly think: « there are special people who do not change because of the circumstances - they change the very circumstances and turn them into something new and wonderful, benefiting and knowledge of the situation" . i>

What are the wise words of my grandmother! In fact, if you start easier to relate to the daily difficulties, it immediately becomes happier. Share this story with your friends. Let's see which one of us "carrots," egg "and" Coffee »?

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