Beauty or ...? 13 celebrities whose appearance is far from accepted canons of beauty.

Who said that show business is important only appearance? It is often possible to conquer the peaks of fame girls with not so perfect, but nevertheless bright appearance. Some believe their women with great charm and unusual, exotic appearance. Others believe that such a flattering definition - a polite synonyms for the word "terrible". As they say, the taste and color ... and continue our own.

This 13 well-known representatives of the world of show business with a fairly uncommon appearance. Their external data raise a lot of conflicting opinions about what is beauty. Number 13 on the right to stay for dessert ...

1. Vanessa Paradis. Many people do not give rest to the gap between the teeth of the French singer, actress and model, which, in fact, was the highlight of her. B>

2. Sarah Jessica Parker. Envious women, and men who do not like to stand on ceremony, do not miss the opportunity to compare who plays Carrie Bradshaw in the famous TV series "Sex and the City" with the horse. B>

3. Charlotte Gainsbourg. The daughter of the famous actress and singer Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg singer-wishers, and not only, often referred to as "the epitome of intellectual beauty». B>

4. Lily Cole. Not everybody looks like a doll model. B>

5. Chloe Sevigny. This scandalous girl loves to shock the audience with their extraordinary dresses that emphasize the brighter her marginal appearance. B>

6. Lindsay Vikson. Like its peers Lily Cole, Lindsay also has a doll looks, which one attracts and repels others vice versa. B>

7. Uma Thurman. Actress boasts a height of 183 cm and 42 th the size of his feet. B>

8. Keira Knightley. It is worth noting that the thinness and small breasts do not add film star attraction, though the actress knows how to turn the appearance defects in their own dignity. B>

9. Julia Roberts. There is hardly a man who never would have said that Roberts had a big mouth too. And I will not be original. B>

10. Hilary Swank. This girl can not boast of a comely appearance, but what she has charisma! Not for nothing it is often given specific roles. B>

11. Tilda Swinton. Women call this aristocrat to the marrow representative of an alien civilization, and the men joke that they can not determine the sex of the heavenly beings. B>

12. Bjork. Well, here a solid exotic - from the exterior to the way of dressing! B>

13. And finally, a true delicacy - Lady Gaga herself. B>

Yes, perhaps, outside of these women is far from the generally accepted canons of beauty, but they have so much charm and charisma, which is more than enough. Looking at them, you realize that appearance - still not the point. Share this post with your friends and acquaintances.

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