Digital weight loss. Master Photoshop made girls with curvaceous slim.

In recent years, women with curvaceous increasingly attract attention. There was a demand for plus size models that inspires hope in plump, and they are not ashamed of their bodies. The idea that to be overweight - this is normal, gradually spreading among the masses.

However, such a process of renouncing the universally recognized ideals of beauty has its opponents. The initiative group of citizens who have a good command of Photoshop, created a project called "Harpoon» (Project Harpoon). They take pictures pyshnotelye models as well as the usual plump girls and with the help of photo editor make them slender and slim.

This project - the answer to the numerous actions of feminists who advocate the full beauty of the body.

«feminists and their supporters otfotoshopit video game characters, making them thicker. So why can not we do the opposite? » I> - says one of the founders of the" Harpoon ».

After all, the popularization of magnificent forms, there is another side. Excess weight has a negative impact on our health. And if you create a cult of the full body, thus we are doomed many of his followers to torture.

Founders of the project call upon all like-minded people to join the movement and spread their own work "otfotoshoplennogo weight loss" in the network with the hashtag #thinnerbeauty.

Orderly do not just pictures of famous models, plus size, but ordinary women whose photos were found in social networks.

Under fire masters Photoshop does not just girls, but also boys.

«Do not kid yourself - thin to be much better than thick!» i> - activists say Project Harpoon.

This movement has caused a storm of protest among feminists who call such projects sexist.

As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle, and not necessarily strongly stand up for one of the parties.

But the project "Harpoon" we must pay tribute. After all, guys are really good command of Photoshop. And thanks to their work, you can clearly see the difference between thin and full body. And the conclusions everyone is free to make their own.

And how to relate to this initiative, are you? Do you believe that it is necessary to make every effort to be fit, or are on the side of those who do not see anything wrong with excess weight? You can discuss it with their friends, after referring them to this record.


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